Here at Raid Clothing, we look to support fans in multiple communities by offering sponsorships! We are currently looking to sponsor all types of entertainers and internet personalities. We offer a variety of benefits in our sponsorship program. Benefits of being a Raid Clothing sponsoree may include: 
A discount code for any product. 
Free merchandise.
We will help you grow your fan base.
Have a chance to be featured on our website and Instagram page.
Have a chance to have your own clothing available on our website.
Earn commission on orders when someone buys clothing with your discount code.
Funding for Giveaways/Equipment
Travel costs can be covered 

The rewards you will have access too will depend on the size of your fan base and your performance as a sponsor. As much as we would love to sponsor everyone, we have to focus on working with the best personalities or teams that fit our brand and vision. We choose who we sponsor from a variety of factors, including channel size, content type, online persona, target audience and more. We know it’s not fair to judge an individual or a team solely on numbers, so we handle all sponsorship requests on a case by case basis. Due to a high number of applications, we will only contact the retained applicants.
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