Nikolas Omilana





David John Gibbons

Hello my name is Davey. I'm 28 year old chap from Norwich which so happens to be in England. I'm a racing game fanatic so you'll find me on Assetto Corsa and F1 2016. I do like to mix it up and play FPS games like Battlefield and Destiny.

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Jordan Meachin Bourne

My name is Jordan however I'm best known as DJ MB. I'm a Kent DJ and play at events all over the country. I play all sorts of genres from house to drum n bass. I make my own music and love to entertain people and put on a show!!!

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Simon M.

I'm a young Motion-Designer from Germany and I started at July `13 with creating Intros in Cinema 4D with the time I tried some other Programs out and at the moment I use Cinema 4D and Octane for creating my Introductions. If you have any question or want an Intro from me then check out my YouTube channel.



 Godson Imhotep Godson Imhotep

Godson was born in Burkina Faso and raised in Montreal. This 24 year old artist has a lot of creativity and talent. He is known for his flows, lyrics, melodies and his bars. Any project/single this guy delivers is promised to be an absolute masterpiece without a doubt.

Contact Godson for any business inquires: ls.booking@hotmail.com

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